When do you go to the psychologist?

Children are not always able to explain how they feel with words: sometimes they use anger, regression, violence, or they can be depressed or distant… The psychologist offers, through various tools, a way to get to know what is wrong. His/her role is to offer a concrete therapeutic answer after evaluation of the problem.

A psychologist can also be contacted when a child shows problems at school. An assessment can help to find out where the problem lies via IQ-testing, attention testing or memory testing. This helps diagnose the problem and provide a concrete answer to it, such as different methods of work. When necessary, the psychologist can also consult a speech therapist or physiotherapist to provide a complementary evaluation to refine the diagnosis.

The psychologist is first a professional who listens to a child's needs in order to help their development under the best conditions.

The psychologist is above all the person to consult when a child is suffering in one way or another.

Vanessa Vandergoten

Expertise & Consultation