Who am I?

Welcome to this website, designed to present you my work inside Kidado, founded in 2006 to address the specific psychological needs of children and adolescents, hence its name.

Academic background

  • Master degree in Clinical Psychology (ULB, 2002)
  • Post graduate diploma in Psychology and Education (ULB, 2003)
  • Specialisation in psychological assessment (Ulg, 2006)

Professional background

  • Psychological assessment and therapy (at Mediter, Halle, 2002-2006)
  • Consultancy and assessments in the Children's Hospital (Uz-Brussel, since 2005)
  • Psychologist and expertise for Kidado (since 2006)
  • Re-launching of the psychologist alumni association with our volunteer team (chairman from 2007 until 2010)
  • Education at Institut Roger Guilbert (2008-2010)
  • Participating in research (UZ-Antwerpen, 2010)
  • Lectures for trainings and congresses

Vanessa Vandergoten

Expertise & Consultation