To whom is Kidado oriented?

For both for child and parent:

  • Psychological support in different areas
  • IQ-testing
  • Attention-testing
  • Memory-testing
  • Emotional evaluation
  • School-support (research and support of work methods)
  • Personality disorders

For the civil and penal courts, offering evaluation in various situations:

  • Advice on child custody in case of parental separation
  • Profiling and personality description of children, adolescents and adults
  • Witness credibility assessment
  • Assessment when there are indications of Sexual abuse / neglect
  • Analysis of videotaped testimony


  • Continued training
  • Research
  • Supervised work
  • Use standardised and up-to-date tools
  • Clear reports
  • Evaluated work
  • Concrete answers to the questions asked

Vanessa Vandergoten

Expertise & Consultation