"Emotions can get you in the way or get you on the way" 

Mavis Mazhura

Vanessa Vandergoten

Clinical Psychologist (Fr-Nl-Engl

I started my working career as a psychologist in a practice where I had the chance to develop my passion for kids and their families.  I had kids and adults as patients but I felt that I needed to mainly focus on kids.  This is how in 2005 I got employed by the UZ-Brussel as clinical psychologist in their PAika team for Kids, to help with diagnoses of ambulant patients.  In the practice where I started, I started to work as expert for the Court in different situations (abuse, neglect, divorce).  I also worked for insurance companies to help them evaluate psychological damage after a traumatic event.  I developed my skills in psychological support and diagnose

In 2006, I founded Kidado to answer a growing demand of consultations and evaluations of kids and their families, privately or for the Court.  After 20 years of expert for the Court, I decided to stop with it, because I did no longer feel that I was a real psychological support for the kids I saw. 

In 2023, I decided to subscribe to the ELP-convention in Belgium for psychologists, making it easier financially for a person to consult a psychologist. 

Throughout my working career, I continued to learn things by following different trainings and obtaining different degrees.  I learned how to teach at the ULB, got a specialisation in forensics at the ULg and followed a year training Non Violent Resistance at the VUB.  I also followed trainings in Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and a variety of workshops having as main objective the well being of a child.  I finally also followed a few workshops and training sessions around interpretation of a variety of tests

Today, Kidado is open to every child (starting age 3,5), parent or person who has a question or feels lost and needs to talk to someone to help to get insight in the situation.  I offer first line consultations but also specialized consultations (orientation and diagnosis). Therefore I have a variety of tools. I also offer supervision and training.  


What Kidado can offer 

Consultations (from 3,5 to...)

Whether you are a kid, a parent or a person who feels that something goes wrong and you need help with it, then talking to a psychologist can help.  In the first session, we take time to organize the way we are going to work.  I also offer specialized consultations to kids or individual parents around difficulties when parents separate.  

First session 60 min - Next sessions 45 min


We don't have all the tests we have in French and Dutch but we can offer some testing for kids and adults around personnality and emotions. 

Training and workshops

Kidado can organize a variety of trainings and/or workshops around kid's well being for parents, caregivers, teachers, psycholigists.  


With 20 years of experience in a variety of different constellations of families, I propose supervision to caregivers, psychologists, lawyers who have questions around dynamics in families.   


Opening hours

lundi - mardi
09:00 - 17:00
14:00 - 17:00
jeudi - dimanche